Five Star Mentality: The Mindset of the Super Achievers

Five star mentality

Jarod and Tanika Anderson

"When we changed our thinking, it changed our lives"!


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Five Star Mentality: The Mindset of the Super Achievers

Your Mentality Will Determine Your Reality

  • "I'm ready for a change"!
  • "I feel stuck"!
  • "I want so much more than what I am currently experiencing".
  • "I feel like I'm running out of time"!
  • I don't have the money or the time to do the things that I want to do"!
  • "It seems like the harder I work, the farther behind I get"!
  • "I'm tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck".

If any of the statements above describe you, don't feel bad . We can relate because it was exactly how we were feeling at one point in our lives. We knew we were capable of being, doing, and having so much more. But for some reason, it seemed like we were stuck. It felt like we were doing a lot, but had little to nothing to show for it.

The problem was, we were playing the blame game. We rationalized in our minds that we were where we were because of our jobs, not getting paid enough, a lack of time, and a various other circumstances that were beyond our control.

Then one day, we discovered that we had no one to blame but ourselves. It wasn't circumstances, finances, or othe people holding us back as we had thought. The only thing holding us back was our limited thinking. Our mentality had framed our reality without us even realizing it. Once we focused on changing our thinking, stop making excuses, and stop blaming, everything changed.

It was so amazing how qucikly things began to shift in our lives! You really can change your current reality, but first you must change your mentality. In Five Star Mentality, we will encourage, empower, and challege to create the reality you want in life and stop setting for less. 

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In Five Star Mentality, we will share with you.....

  • Why you owe it to yourself to stop playing small and settling for less than you desire or deserve
  •  The dangers of basing the size of your dreams on the size of your bank account
  • How to break free from the negative thoughts and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck
  •  How to fully embrace your future by freeing yourself from your past
  • How to change the way you think so you can change the way you live
  • How to use your imagination to begin creating the type of life you desire
  • How to change your mentality so you can change your reality

......and much more