How to Break Free From the Limitations of Your 9 to 5 

Learn how to discover your true value so you can get paid what you're worth and regain your freedom


Thursday, January 17 @ 9pm


It's Time to Get Your Freedom Back!

Imagine how drastically your life would change if you were in total control of your how much money you makde and how you spent your time. This is what I call true freedom. 

Unfortunately, if your sole source of income is from a 9 to 5, this will never be possible. Why? First, your job is not obligated to pay you what you desire or what YOU THINK you are worth. Second, you can only make money in exchange for your time. This is a losing formula! 

Finally, if your 9 to 5 is stressing you out to the point where you are on the brink of burnout, your lack peace of mind. Until you gain contorl of the variables of money, time, and peae of mind, you will never enjoy TRUE FREEDOM! This course is designed to teach teac you how to get your freedom back! 


- Why you need to start a side hustle to enjoy true freedom and break free from the limits of your 9 to 5

-5 mental conditions that will keep you living paycheck-to-paycheck

-6 Ingredients of a freedom-based lifestyle

-My side hustle to freedom formula